Ministry of Education: Absence of 7% of students from exams-2nd series of exams for absentees

About 7% of the students did not show up at the schools today at the beginning of the first four months of exams, due to contacts or cases, said the Minister of Education, Prodromos Prodromou, who, however, assured that these children will have the opportunity to attend a second series of exams, which will be different from the first.

In his statements, after the session of the Education Committee of the Parliament, which examined the introduction of the test to stay measure in schools, the Minister of Education stated that the four-month exams in schools “started normally” and that so far “everything is going smoothly”.

It is noted that the exams of the first 4 months will last until the end of January, while there will be an extra week of rest for the students.

According to the Minister of Education, “this means that the number of children in schools is further reduced.”

Speaking further about the conduct of the four-month exams, the Minister of Education stated that this evaluation concerns 7 thousand students from the 3rd grade of Lyceums and Technical Schools.

“We had a number of absences of around 7%, from children, who could not show up today, which are either cases, or contacts, or for other reasons,” he said.

He assured, however, that these children “will have the opportunity after the end of the examination period to attend the second row”, adding that “these are the numbers that we would like to keep in mind in the coming days, in order to organize the second series, but also to see if a third series of exams is needed “.

Mr. Prodromou said that “all students will have the opportunity to be evaluated equally”.

Regarding the conduct of the 4-month written exams, the Minister of Education stated that “the process is done impartially and inviolably”, noting that “the issue is done as provided and the parity is greater than the exams by each school and each teacher separately.”

AKEL MP Christos Christofidis, in his statements after the meeting, referred to the conduct of the four-month exams, saying that the Ministry’s persistence “has already created serious problems due to equality issues, since some children went to school this week. but they did not take a lesson with their teacher, since he was absent “.

“Replacements were not made as they should have been, while children were forced to stay home without attending classes,” he said.

He stressed, in fact, that conducting two series of exams, with different topics, will lead to the extraction of a grade that is critical for the assessment, especially of high school students.

He also mentioned his concerns about the coverage of the material of the next four months until April 10, since the week intended for repetitions, the second series of exams will take place.

DISY MP, Giorgos Karoulas, said that “the four-month exams, which started today, are a consequence of the new institution of the continuous evaluation of learning, something that is done, despite the obstacles that have arisen in recent years, always for the benefit of children ».

“Our goal and focus is the student and the best possible education and filling the learning gaps. “As we have been informed, the examinations are carried out smoothly in the context of the relevant planning and in an inviolable manner”, he said.

DIPA MP, Alekos Tryfonidis, said that very serious questions are being asked as to whether the equality and integrity of the four-month exams is ensured and whether the students will be able to cope with them based on the existing volume of educational material.

Finally, the Chairman of the Education Committee of the Parliament, Pavlos Mylonas, wished good luck to the students who start the examination period.

Source: KYPE

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