Ministry of Education launches Dominican Lee program
Ministry of Education launches Dominican Lee program

Santo Domingo – The Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic presented this Wednesday the program Dominican Lee, aimed at promoting reading and books in the pre-university education system.

During the launch of the program, the Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, said that Dominican Lee opens the most productive and creative time in the revaluation of books and the promotion of reading in the country.

This, to train new generations of avid readers and critical citizens, lovers of information and knowledge.

He highlighted the creation of cultural bridges between writers and the educational community (students, teachers, managers and support servers) to share and enjoy creative work largely ignored until today.

“We are going to promote a relationship of closeness, friendship and complicity between the authors and the students, after the pleasure of knowing and learning,” said Roberto Fulcar.

“We want our Dominican Republic to be a pool of readers. We dream that every boy in our country, of all educational levels and modalities, will find in reading not only a way, but also a source, a way to contact the cultural heritage of humanity ”, said the minister.

Vision for the new school year

He said that in the school year that begins next Monday, the 20th of this month, the Ministry of Education will distribute hundreds of classic books of universal literature nationwide and thousands of Bibles, because they want a broader and more free reading.

Dominicana Lee contemplates holding bimonthly reading festivals, delivering books to schools and communities with connectivity problems.

In the same way, installation of reading points in strategic and crowded places such as the Santo Domingo Metro, the Cable Car, bus stops, government offices and parks in alliance with clubs, churches, mayors, universities, professional unions, as well as the creation of reading clubs and literary workshops in schools.

Speaking at the event, the Director of Culture of the Ministry of Education, Luis R. Santos, explained that Dominicana Lee seeks to increase the volume and quality of student reading.

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