Mino Raiola and the agents go to war against FIFA: "This body is a mafia"

This Thursday, Dejan Veljkovic officially received his status as a repentant. A first in Belgium. The Serbian’s revelations are already shaking the country’s clubs as much as the Belgian Union. But it is not only in Belgium that agents are criticized.

To counteract their growing influence, FIFA would like to put a strain on them with completely new regulations. It will come into force next year and it should restrict their room for maneuver. Several measures do not suit agents: there should be a cap on commissions, a reinstatement of an agent’s license and an increase in the compensation paid to training clubs.

Obviously, the intermediaries are not going to sit idly by. A meeting was held this week where over 200 officers were in attendance. Pedro Bravo, the president of the Spanish agents, was the organizer of this interview. “We are looking for a legal regulation. Look how complicated it is, to find a framework of this type. The players must also speak, say things”, did he declare.

Raiola, a reassembled president

Agent of Haaland and Pogba in particular, Mino Raiola was obviously present at the meeting. As president, he attacked FIFA. “They are fighting for money and nothing else. Without money, the problem of agents in football would not exist”, he estimated. “I’ve been fighting FIFA for 15 years. In my opinion, it’s a mafia. The goal is to create a system. But with people who respect us. Not with individuals who see us as criminals. “

The supreme body of football tries to attack where it hurts: the wallet. “Last year, we won 800 million euros. But in an activity that generates 10 billion euros. Of which 6.7, in Europe alone! The regulations they are going to adopt go against the grain rules of the countries themselves. “

For him, the players are also harmed by this new regulation. “It is bad for footballers because the new rules hurt their contractual position.” Above all, he admits to feeling powerless in the face of the system in place. “If a club has financial problems, who is the first not to get paid? The agents. And all because, according to FIFA, we are criminals. We also have needs for our lives and our work. I see what happened twenty-five years ago. They are debating us, but not with us. I will never respect FIFA. You can go against federations and clubs, but not against Mino Raiola “.

For the famous Italian agent, FIFA is going beyond its functions. “It’s not possible for this body to dictate the rules. Especially on what you have to earn or not. Now they can suspend you just because they think we are doing our job wrong. possible. They are only looking for the power to manage everything. “

For the former Dutch pizza delivery man, the agents must remain united. “We cannot remain alone. Together, we will be stronger. Our association must absolutely bring together 85% of the agents. If we do not do this, go and show yourself! The objective is to find a lobby in the European Parliament and with clubs. If FIFA refuses to hear from us, we will go to UEFA. We will go all the way! “, he continued.

To conclude, Mino Raiola was very clear: “It’s a war and I want to win it. But not for me. I want to leave a legacy in the football world. So that footballers, like agents, have more rights. Why are agents of other sports- they respected and not us? “

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