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Due to the health contingency and confinement, many of us change our routines and stop certain activities. Along with the concerts and face-to-face meetings, blood donation days were also left aside, which worries those who receive it and the Ministry of Health. It’s more, currently there is a deficit of 60%, so a call is made for those who can to donate.

The figures in Chile

In Chile, there are 17 altruistic blood donors for every thousand inhabitants. But, according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the ideal is that there should be 20 for every thousand inhabitants. The concept of altruistic donation it means that it is donated selflessly, and not for the benefit of any specific person. That is, the delivery for those who need it, not for a family member, friend or acquaintance who requires it at that time.

On this, the Dr. Loreto Vergara, Director of Metropolitan Blood Center, is emphatic in spreading the importance of this message. Thus, they declare: «We call for people to donate blood and save lives. Keep in mind that blood transfusions help life-threatening patients, ranging from newborns, premature infants, and older adults. On the other hand, women with obstetric complications, patients with complex surgical interventions, chronic diseases or suffering from some type of cancer.

Donate Blood Pixabay

How to donate?

To donate blood you can consult the centers here. But beware, there are several requirements that you must meet before. First, it must be between 18 and 65 years, weigh over 50 kilos and have a good health. While women can donate a maximum of three times a year, men can a maximum of four.

It is necessary to have a professional interview to know the health status of the potential donor, in which it is guaranteed that his body can donate. In addition, this also helps to ensure that your blood is in optimal condition for patients. After a control of vital signs, hemoglobin and pressure, the extraction is carried out, which does not last more than 11 minutes.

If you are interested in donating, enter You can also schedule an hour or by calling 2 2568 1560.

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