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According to Ruslan Malinovsky, he did not ask the head coach to apologize to him, and also said that he respects his decisions

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Фото: Global Look Press

Midfielder of the national team of Ukraine and “Atalanta” Ruslan Malinovsky did not ask the head coach of the national team Alexander Petrakov to apologize to him. About this footballer wrote on your Instagram.

“It is a great honor for me to be part of the team of my country, and I always come to the national team with great desire. The number of minutes and my position on the field is determined by the coaching staff, and as a professional I respect it and always accept it, ”the footballer noted.

He also noted that he cannot have any grudges against the head coach for his choice of line-up or tactics. “During the last training camp in the team, the head coach, in individual conversations with the players, told half of the team that Malinovsky did not fit into his game scheme,” the midfielder said. At the same time, he noted that the head coach did not discuss this with him personally.

And about. Petrakov became the head coach of the Ukrainian national football team

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“Like any ambitious player, I want to play as much as possible and, of course, get upset if this does not happen, but it would be unprofessional for me to take offense at the coach who is responsible for the result,” the footballer wrote.

In addition, the midfielder noted that he never put his interests above the interests of the team, so before leaving he asked the coach for permission. “It was not a demarche, I asked permission and thanked the coach that he allowed me,” he said.

Ruslan Malinovsky was called up to the matches of the national team in the qualifying tournament for the 2022 World Cup. Malinovsky was not included in the starting lineup for the matches against Kazakhstan (2: 2) and France (1: 1).

In Ukraine, Shevchenko’s departure from the national team was explained by the desire to work in the club

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Head coach of the Ukrainian national team Oleksandr Petrakov after the end of the training camp toldthat the team is switching to a new scheme. According to him, before the game with France, Malinovsky was unhappy with the fact that he would not appear in the starting lineup.

“At Olimpiyskiy, I approached him and asked if he was ready to play with France if I released him as a substitute. He was offended. He said: “Okay, I didn’t play in Kazakhstan. Why don’t I play here? ” We agreed with you, I say, – the interests of the team are first and foremost. And he says he was offended. I say: “Then I apologize to you. Will this suit you? ” He replied no. That’s all, ”Petrakov said.

The Ukrainian national team missed the victory in the first match after Shevchenko’s departure

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After the match against France, the team had to play against the Czech Republic. However, before the match a large group of Dynamo Kiev and Shakhtar players left the team.

“Malinovsky came up and said that he also wants to leave. The receptionist told him that we bought him a ticket for September 9th, another match in the Czech Republic. And he said that he did not want to stay, but wanted to leave. He didn’t explain it in any way. I asked the administrator to take him a ticket. If a person wants to go, then let him go, ”Petrakov said.

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