"Miranda Films and Caribbean Films Distribution offer details of the movie" Súper Familia "- More Vip

The Dominican seventh art industry will continue its growth path in 2022 with film productions that will provide artistic value with different content for the enjoyment of the whole family. With this in mind, Miranda Films and Caribbean Films Distribution will bring the funny story “Super family” to the big screen, starting next Thursday, January 20.

In a meeting with the press in the VIP Room of Caribbean Cinemas in Downtown Center, last Wednesday, January 12, the details of this new film were released, which will open the Dominican billboard this year.

Under the direction and original script of the filmmaker Roberto Ángel Salcedo, the film highlights a new episode in the life of Juan Antonio (Roberto Ángel Salcedo -Súper Papá / 2017) and his family. On this occasion, with seven children and his pregnant wife, he gets involved in a business where he is deceived by his partner, and this puts the whole family on the verge of losing everything, and only union, love and strength will be decisive for get out of this process and other situations full of hilarity.

After two years of filming this film, it is a joy for Miranda Films to once again show their productions on the big screen. This particular story promotes the value of family unity, appeals to feelings of solidarity.

“This film is an incentive in these times that we are living, where the family has been the perfect institution to face all the challenges that have been presented to us since the beginning of the pandemic. For this reason, we have conceived this production as a tribute to that nucleus of love and union, which is what we want to project to the public ”, expressed Roberto Ángel.

In addition, he thanked the support of important sponsors such as Malta Morena, Banreservas, Productos Rica, Sunix Petroleum and Miss Key so that the Dominican family can enjoy this super production.

During the meeting, the actors Sarodj Bertín, Bárbara Plaza, Gabi Desangles, Francisco Sanchís, Ana Carmen León, Alejandro Vargas, Javier Santana, Lina de Herrera, among others, highlighted each of their characters and the joy of continuing to be part of the development of the Dominican film industry through stories like these.

In that sense, they invited the whole family to go to the movies, to laugh and enjoy the story, while taking a beautiful message with them.

“Super Familia” brings together a cast of experienced actors and actresses, which includes Eddy Herrera, Juan Carlos Pichardo, Orlando Urdaneta, Juan La Mur, Radhamés Espíritu, Sandra Berrocal, Manolo Ozuna, El Nagüero and Freddyn Beras Goico, among other figures of entertainment.

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