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Mirella explained that with Dynho inside the reality, it’s easier to resolve some outstanding issues.

Mirella announced earlier this week that she had filed for divorce from Dynho
© Reproduction/InstagramMirella announced earlier this week that she had filed for divorce from Dynho

the situation of Dynho outside of “The Farm 13” may not be the best. Earlier in the week, the funkeiro’s wife, Mirella, stated that he filed a request for divorce of the dancer. Even upset with the whole situation, the singer asked fans to let their partner inside the reality.

This Saturday morning (20), the formerThe farm asked for help from admirers to keep her husband in the program. The measure left all followers intrigued about the unusual request.

“If the dynho goes to the farm, please don’t take him out. Help me sterellas”, cried the funkeira on Twitter. “I have a lot of things to sort out yet. It’s going to delay me horribly.” Explained.

According to the Mirella, the artist still has some unfinished business to resolve while Dynho is confined, for this reason it would be very helpful for her husband to continue with the current edition of the program.

To show her dissatisfaction with her husband, the muse of OnlyFans even said that she woke up attacked and that she would like to go to a single reality show to see what would happen. “Bad woke up attacked. put me in a reality single now to see the damage I do. Liveeeeer baby, I only learned one thing: don’t stop living for the sake of others, it’s uncertain if they would do for you, what you do for others.” finished.

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