Mirtha Legrand was discharged this Tuesday night, after 12 days of being admitted to the Mater Dei Sanatorium.

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“We want to inform you that, after a meeting between the personal doctor and the professionals involved in the Sanatorium, in agreement with your family, Mrs. Mirtha Legrand was discharged tonight”, Informs the last medical part.

Having achieved your clinical stability, you will be able to continue your recovery at home.”, It indicates.

Mirtha Legrand was discharged.

And closes: “We thank everyone for the displays of affection and respect during Mirtha’s hospitalization”.

The statement is signed by the doctor Roberto Dupuy de Lôme, director of the Sanatorium.

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Tuesday morning medical report

On the morning of this Tuesday, the Sanatorium issued a medical report that spoke of “an evolution favorable to treatment”And a new part just for Thursday.

“Ms. Mirtha Legrand continues to be admitted to our Sanatorium with a favorable evolution to the treatment. He is in a very good state of mind, in the company of his family, thanking all the expressions of affection ”, he indicated.

And he added: “If there are no changes, we will issue a new medical report on Thursday 10/14 at 11:00 am.”

Mirtha Legrand

Mirtha Legrand

Mirtha Legrand’s operation

Mirtha Legrand She was admitted to the Mater Dei sanatorium after being operated on last Thursday, September 30.

The Diva had decompensated that Thursday morning and her GP came to assist her at her home.

After routine tests, the doctor decided to transfer her to the Mater Dei to follow the picture and subject her to a series of studies that finally determined that suffered a “coronary obstruction”. Two stents were placed.

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