Mirtha Legrand was discharged and will continue her recovery at home

“Having achieved his clinical stability, you will be able to continue your recovery at home“Continued the director and concluded:” We thank everyone for the displays of affection and respect during Mirtha’s hospitalization. “

Earlier, the Sanatorium itself had reported “a favorable evolution to the treatment” and a “very good mood”.

“Mrs. Mirtha Legrand continues to be admitted to our Sanatorium with a favorable evolution to the treatment. She is in a very good state of mind, in the company of her family, thanking all the expressions of affection”, indicated the part of this afternoon signed by the director from the healthcare center.

Although the statement indicated that “if there were no changes” the new medical report would be issued next Thursday at 11:00, the evolution was favorable so that the discharge for tonight was finally brought forward.

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What happened

Mirtha’s discomfort began on Wednesday, September 29 at night And when she saw that her condition did not improve with the passing of the hours, on Thursday morning the 30th she called her doctor to see her at her apartment on Del Libertador Avenue.

After performing a series of tests, the professional considered that it was necessary for the driver to go to Mater Dei to subject her to more complex studies.

This is how she was transferred by ambulance, which she walked up to, to be treated in the cardiology department and finally that day at 5:00 p.m. she was operated on.

Beyond her pain, the diva remained in good spirits all the time and was aware of the affection of her audience.

Last Saturday, his grandson and producer, Nacho Viale, had ventured that the doctors were going to discharge the “Chiqui” at the beginning of this week, something that apparently for the moment is not going to materialize.

“My grandmother is very well. If God wants, Monday or Tuesday she goes home,” Nacho Viale had declared in the framework of the América Rockstars 2021 talks that took place in Uruguay.

“Yesterday the phone rang, it was from the sanatorium and I got scared. And they sent me a list: ‘All these people are here to enter’, they tell me. I look at the list, I knew everyone. ‘No, no one should come in, because if it’s not chaos. “” But your grandmother is making them pass, “they told me. I called her and said:” Grandmother, listen to me.

‘No, I’m bored …’, he replied. I noticed and they were a cosmetologist, hairdresser, makeup artists, “the producer said with a laugh.

Starting tonight, Mrs. Legrand will be able to continue her recovery from her home, after 12 days of hospitalization for coronary obstruction.

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