Mishustin paid a working visit to the Oryol Region - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The government will assist the Oryol region with the completion of the construction of a multidisciplinary medical center for the regional clinical hospital. The regional governor will be personally responsible for this, and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin promised him personal assistance.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers continues his working trips to the regions of the Central Federal District of the country. On Wednesday, he visited the Oryol region, faced with an example of a shameful attitude towards the construction of the social infrastructure of cities. Such a characterization from the second person of the state was awarded to the object, which the inhabitants of Eagle dubbed the “Titanic”.

The local authorities conceived a large building of the new multidisciplinary medical center of the Oryol Regional Clinical Hospital more than 15 years ago, and began construction in 2007. Only the readiness of the facility still slightly exceeds 80 percent. Contractors changed several times, this was accompanied by criminal cases of embezzlement of funds.

– Funds are buried here. The misfortune that happened is just a shame! – Mikhail Mishustin was indignant, examining the construction site. – Because the people who walk around and look around, form their attitude to the authorities, including regional and local, in an appropriate way, and this is unacceptable.

The region is determined to pass the medical center, but would like to receive help from the federal government. Mikhail Mishustin, probably, would be glad to immediately promise hundreds of millions or several billion rubles. Moreover, he himself believes that it is necessary to complete the building and it must be done as quickly as possible. However, the design and estimate documentation for the remaining fifth of the work has not yet been approved.

“Without design estimates, we will not deliver the money. It is absolutely obvious that the cart cannot be harnessed in front of the horse. Do not be offended, I am now speaking in a comradely manner,” the Prime Minister said to Governor Andrei Klychkov. The head of the Ministry of Construction Irek Fayzullin said that the documents should be ready in November.

As a result, Mikhail Mishustin appointed the governor of the Oryol region personally responsible for the facility, but the whole world will participate, as they say. “I will personally help you,” the prime minister said. The Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities was instructed to constantly monitor the passage of design estimates. Igor Shchegolev, the presidential envoy to the Central Federal District, will take personal control of the situation.

The head of government also visited the Orelmaslo enterprise, which specializes in the production of rapeseed and sunflower oil. The business is progressing well, the company has plans for development, including the modernization of production facilities, taking into account the new policy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. But the company was influenced by the government’s decision to curb prices for sunflower oil, and the leaders cautiously asked the prime minister about the further intentions of the cabinet.

“Export duties, which were established, including on sunflower, and which work today together with a damper mechanism for oil, will work until August 31, 2022,” Mikhail Mishustin told them. Without them, he stressed, the situation on the domestic market would be extremely negative.

At the Proton plant, which specializes in the production of optoelectronics, they also raised the issue of marketing their products. Now almost 70 percent of it belongs to the sphere of special purpose, but plans are to reduce the share and increase the civilian component. “Today we are launching a new incentive for stimulating consumers who will buy your products,” the Prime Minister said. “They will receive the appropriate funds in order to competitively buy your products.” He advised the plant to pay attention to government measures to support the IT industry, to think about how it could be used.

To make it easier for enterprises themselves to receive subsidies from the state, the government is actively converting their registration into electronic form. Online application can now be applied for 30 types of subsidies. “All other forms of support, which should be formalized in electronic form, will be transferred to this form in the state information system” Industry “within a year,” Mishustin said.

In addition, the prime minister believes, it is necessary to reduce the number of documents and redundant requirements for receiving state aid. “I think that in this sense, we will once again give instructions to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, but this work is already going on on a daily basis,” the Prime Minister noted.

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