“Mission: Impossible 7” trailer: superlative cruise stunt

*** Updated February 27th, 2023: At an appearance in “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” chatted Tom Cruise also about his insane motorcycle stunt to “Mission: Impossible 7” and revealed that he exactly six seconds had time to parachute to open before he fell to his death. This scene had to be repeated eight times and so that Cruise didn’t get caught on the motorcycle with any of his clothes, even his shoelaces were glued to his shoes.

He also revealed to Kimmel how far back his stunt ambitions go. As a kid, he wanted to slide down a hill on a wooden plank and then take off via a ramp to jump over a couple of trash cans. Of course, that went wrong, the ramp broke, Cruise crashed through the buckets and ended up in the hospital for a few days. With his current stunts, he can’t afford such a failure. ***

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