Moam stops after a fuss about director Martijn N.

Cultural platform Moam in Amsterdam will cease to exist. The board of the foundation announced this in a statement to relations on Wednesday afternoon.

Moam was discredited in March after reports about director Martijn N The watchword on NRC. After joint investigation by both newspapers, 28 men accused 33-year-old N. of violent and sexually transgressive behaviour. Eleven of them were minors during contact with N..

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The reports were a reason for the Moam board to suspend the director and to have it investigated whether he had also engaged in non-standard behavior in his capacity as director.

According to the forensic research agency Integis from Haarlem, which interviewed thirteen (former) stakeholders of the foundation, there was an “unsafe working environment”. Various interns and employees indicated that there had been ‘swearing, belittling and manipulation’ by the director for a long time. An unnamed number of employees had to undergo therapy because of N.’s behavior, according to the summary of a research report dated July 14.

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The Moam board found the report to be a reason to definitively break off the collaboration with N., according to the statement sent on Wednesday. Earlier, the board had already come to the conclusion that there was no future for the foundation anyway. All institutions and sponsors with whom Moam had agreements about exhibitions and manifestations withdrew after the reports about N..

Due to the stagnation of income, the board was forced to close Moam’s office last summer and say goodbye to the employees. Only a self-employed person is currently working for the settlement of current affairs. According to the statement, the board will cease the activities of the foundation and liquidate it.

Complaints about behaviour

Three (former) employees told Integis that they complained to a now former board member about N’s behavior. The board member in question denies this. The board says it has never been informed by employees about transgressive behavior by N. in his role as director. “If we had been aware of what is described in the report, we would certainly have taken measures.”

The board regrets that “those concerned were not able to find their way to the board with their experiences”. Former employees who feel the need to share their experiences at the foundation can report to the board for an interview.

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An unknown number of men have reported N. to the Amsterdam police. The officer handling the case says that the fashion man is still a suspect and that the investigation against him will take another two months.

Moam was founded in 2014 by N. The platform attracted attention with fashion shows with young designers and later also exhibitions with visual artists, photographers and writers. The American business magazine Forbes In 2018, N. ranked among the thirty most successful young entrepreneurs in Europe.

Various cultural funds provided grants to N. and Moam. Numerous large companies and charities, such as Hema, Rabobank, KLM, Zalando, Red Cross and the National Committee for 4 and 5 May, collaborated with or sponsored the foundation. The Rijksmuseum, Artis and the Concertgebouw acted as a stage and dozens of well-known culture makers took part in projects.

Martijn N. was asked for a response via his lawyer. He hasn’t responded.

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