You and the computer: Since when would you allow your children social networks?

Minecraft develops imagination, creativity and orientation in space. But what to watch out for when playing it and why parents should sometimes play with their children, describes the well-known Czech former youtuberinfluencer, who now teaches not only beginning players the basics of Internet safety. Jirka Král revealed in the new podcast Mom and Dad on the Network what risks children face when playing online games and how to avoid financial fraud or account theft.

In the past, Jirka Král devoted himself to shooting game videos on YouTube and, in response to the experience of his fans and his own, he founded the program together with Avast. Be safe onlinewhich teaches children the basics of Internet safety. Today, it encourages young gamers and their parents to prevent proper server security. One of the most popular games today is without a doubt Minecraft. A game that has ruled the world can help children develop, but it can also deprive them of money.

As soon as the child starts playing the online version of Minecraft, he gets into an environment in which other players also play. There is interaction between several people, this is exactly the aspect of the fact that all those people who play with a child on the same server do not have to be his friends. There may be one who may want to hurt him. The child may then lose the currency in Minecraft, that is, the diamonds he has in the game, but it can all go on. It is not difficult to build trust with a child during a game full of emotional experiences, then it is just a step to the child providing, for example, the credit card number of the parents to a completely stranger. In the worst case, the person can attract your child to a personal meeting, “Jirka outlines the risk factors of playing on the network.

A Minecraft player is able to create his own server, to which only his friends or only the accounts he chooses will connect. No one else can join there. This is the basic security that should be used, ”Explains Jirka. “Security works differently for each server, everyone can find the exact instructions on how to secure a server without any problems. It is definitely a good idea to go through it with the child and help him with the security of the server. We have to realize that this is the first interaction on the Internet for a school-age child, many of the children don’t even understand that there is a real person behind that character in the game and that this person does not always have to be a friend., “Concludes the King.

The key to success is for the child to understand why they need to secure an account. “Youtubeers sometimes make educational videos for younger boys, in which they show them how easy it is to get someone on the server because it’s not secure. The boys see how easy it is to lose those things, because anyone can sign up there, “Explains Jirka Král during an interview with the father of three children Matouš Ruml in the podcast Mom and Dad on the Net.

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