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The first date
Syfy, 6:53 pm

Huge spaceships settle in various parts of the globe. Not knowing what to expect, the world is holding its breath. A war may be imminent. It is then that Louise Banks (Amy Adams), one of the most renowned linguists in the world, is called to try a friendly approach with the invaders. Based on a short story by Ted Chiang, a science fiction film by Denis Villeneuve.

Jackie Chan Is the Hero
At the Studios, 7:35 pm

In 1983, Hong Kong superstars Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao starred The Pirates of the China Seas (Project A, in English), an action comedy set in the 19th century and directed by Jackie Chan. In 1987 this sequel came out, now only with Chan. The actor and director is once again Dragon Ma, a marine policeman who finds himself grappling with pirates who want to take revenge on him for what happened in the first film. Opposite Jackie is Maggie Cheung, the now retired actress who has starred in films by Wong Kar-Wai, Olivier Assayas and Mabel Cheung.

RTP2, 23:22

Caracas, Venezuela. Armando (Alfredo Castro) is a lonely man who offers money to street boys and takes them home to masturbate from a distance, without ever touching them or letting himself be touched. One day, he meets Elder (Luis Silva), a young man who is part of a local gang. Despite being disgusted by the idea of ​​getting involved with a man, Elder agrees to go to Armando’s house with the intention of assaulting and robbing him. Winner of the Golden Lion at the 72nd edition of the Venice Film Festival, a 2019 drama that marks the debut of Venezuelan Lorenzo Vigas.

The Dear Lilac
TVCine Edition, 00h30

In 1987, after The Such Channel It is sisters and before mood of doom, Herman José co-wrote and starred in this film by Artur Semedo. It centers on a famous actress, played by Herman, who returns, years later, to find the son she surreptitiously gave birth to, who was soon after adopted. In addition to the legendary comic, the film has names such as Rita Ribeiro, Henrique Viana, Victor de Sousa, Natalina José, Lina Morgado or Artur Semedo himself.


sunken morning
RTP Memory, 20h

In the late 1970s, Lauro António (1942-2022) signed an adaptation of Manhã Submersa, a novel by Vergílio Ferreira published in 1954, with the writer himself as an actor. At the same time, a long version was shot, this four-episode miniseries that aired on RTP in 1979, and a film, which hit theaters in 1980. With a script by Leonel Brito, the story takes place in a seminar and focuses on a 12-year-old kid who was encouraged to attend. The cast also includes Eunice Muñoz, Canto e Castro, Bruno Beltrão, Jacinto Ramos and Vítor Candeias.

Worlds War
Fox, 11:05 pm

In this contemporary adaptation of The War of the Worlds, science fiction novel published in 1898 by HG Wells, an extraterrestrial invasion causes untold damage to the world. But there are survivors, although there is not much hope. This third season of the Howard Overman-written series is the first without Daisy Edgar-Jones, but still has Gabriel Byrne at the helm of the cast. This time, we head even further into space, with things getting darker and darker.


Hitler and the Reichstag Fire
History, 10:15 pm

On the day that marks the 90th anniversary of the fire in the German parliament that helped Adolf Hitler to solidify his dictatorship, História shows this documentary that intends to understand who was the arsonist responsible for such an occurrence. Was it Marinus Van Der Lubbe? Did the arsonist act alone? Was it the Nazis themselves? It is a question that still has no answer, but that this documentary tries to unravel.


That Girl Lay Lay
Nickelodeon, 6:25 pm

Debut. A rapper and actress That Girl Lay Lay is the protagonist of this comic series, in the role of an image of a mobile application that came to life in the body of a teenager, coming with powers. Originally released in 2021, it is the brainchild of comic David A. Arnold, who died in September of last year.

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