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Fox Movies, 9:15 pm

John Maybury, responsible for the applauded biopic about Francis Bacon Love is the Devilperform this thriller psychological in which Adrien Brody, Kris Kristofferson and Keira Knightley assume the main roles.

After recovering from a gunshot to the head, but still suffering from memory lapses, war veteran Jack Starks returns to the town where he grew up and no longer has a family. He is charged with murder, declared insane and committed to a mental institution.

It is under the care of Dr. Becker, who will subject him to a controversial treatment that consists of injecting him with experimental drugs, wrapping him in a coat and locking him in a morgue drawer for uncertain periods of time. In this disoriented state, Starks’ mind will project itself into the future in which he discovers that he will soon die and in which he also meets a woman who may or may not save him.

RTP2, 23:18

Germany, May 1945. With the death of Hitler and the invasion of the Allied army, the fall of the Third Reich is an imminent inevitability. Lore (Saskia Rosendahl) is a German girl who grew up on Nazi principles. When her parents are arrested, she and her brothers are forced to cross a country devastated by war, towards her maternal grandmother’s house. Her fate will intersect with that of Thomas (Kai-Peter Malina), a young Jewish survivor of Auschwitz.

That’s how, due to a sudden change in circumstances, Lore is forced to learn to trust someone she’s been taught to despise her whole life. Along the way, while she discovers the truth about the family and the regime where she was raised, she will also learn the secrets of love and desire. Written and directed by Cate Shortland, lore is based on the work The Dark Roomby Rachel Seiffert.


fantasy island
AXN White, 9:25 p.m.

The second season of the sequel to the series that so many wishes came true in the 1970s and 80s begins. It stars Roselyn Sánchez as Elena Roarke, descendant of Mr. original Roarke and responsible for resort of luxury that has the mysterious power to fulfill the dreams of its guests. The first episode involves two friends looking forward to a reunion of old high school classmates and a lady wanting to know if the adoration she has for her cat is reciprocated by the cat.


Marc Marquez: All In
prime video, streaming

Debut. The Spanish motorcycle rider Marc Márquez, who has already been world champion eight times, is the subject of this documentary series. The five episodes focus on a decisive stage in his sporting and personal life: the thirst to return to MotoGP in top form, after the difficult and long recovery process from serious injuries that kept him away from the tracks.


Vegetarian Days with Jamie Oliver
24Kitchen, 21:52

Debut. cottage pie, street food indian and mac & cheese are the first dishes served by Jamie Oliver in the program he created to satisfy the vegetarian palate. Objective: “to prove that meatless dishes can also be delicious and comforting”, explains the channel, “and that it is time to stop thinking about vegetables as a side dish”. Whether recreations or reinventions, all suggestions from chef British will draw inspiration from their travels.

Vegetarian Days with Jamie Oliver
Richard Clatworthy


Come on, Dogs. Let’s go!
Panda, 6:30 pm

Co-produced by North American Dreamworks and Canadian WildBrain Studios, and originally developed for Netflix, the animated series is inspired by the children’s book that PD Eastman wrote in the early 1960s. friend Guga, always ready to help the inhabitants of Vila-Pata.

Come on, Dogs. Let’s go! premieres today on Panda as part of the special play at carnivalwhich is on air until the 22nd and which also includes the films Sammy 2 (today), The Princess and the Dragon (Tomorrow is One Big Flight (Wednesday), always at 4 pm and in the dubbed version in Portuguese.

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