Montenegro to clarify position on agreements with Chega “when there are elections” | psd

The PSD president said he would clarify any policy of post-electoral coalitions “when there are elections”, saying that he would not agree with parties “anti-NATO, anti-Europe or with xenophobic or racist policies”.

In an interview with the program deals of the weekfrom SIC Notícias, on Wednesday night, and asked whether he admits to making parliamentary or Government agreements with Chega, Luís Montenegro assured that he will make this matter clear at the time he “considers it appropriate”, implying that it will be in the campaign electoral.

“When there are elections, I will tell the Portuguese what I am going to do, I will not do like the current prime minister who gave Portugal a government that the Portuguese did not want”, said Luís Montenegro.

And, addressing the camera directly, he added: “I know that you are not worried about Chega, as I am not either. When we get to the election campaign, I will be very clear and there is one thing you can know right away : I will not go along with anti-Europe, anti-NATO, pro-Russia parties or parties that have xenophobic and racist policies.

Asked whether the Government will be able to remain in office if the PSD wins the 2024 European elections, Luís Montenegro once again referred this assessment to the President of the Republic.

“I have no votes to bring down the Government, I admit that if there is insurmountable instability in the country, if the Government remains completely incapable, the President of the Republic will have to act accordingly. Do I want that to happen? No, I don’t, I want the Government to govern and stick to your program. I don’t see a lot of capacity to do it”, he said.

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