Governor Morales started the construction of the school's nursery school

Taking stock of the PASO elections last Sunday, the Governor Gerardo Morales highlighted the role played by his party, the Radical Civic Union, In the certification and by virtue of the results achieved, he affirmed that the radicals “will no longer be the caboose” of Together for Change. Also based on the performance achieved by the opposition, he considered, with a view to November, that “a equilibrium ”in the National Congress.

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The president spoke with local journalists during his visit to the property of the school “Pucarita” of San Salvador de Jujuy, where the works of construction of the Maternal Garden of the establishment.


In your opinion, the result of the STEP “It is a situation that it has to do with the economy, inflation and how bad people are, and this falls on the responsibility of the national government “, and facing the legislative elections of November 14, he considered that the primary elections mark that it will cause “a balance in the National Congress, and balance in political forces forces dialogue To try to close the crack already able discuss public policies ”.

Governor Morales started the construction work of the nursery school “Pucarita”.

Regarding the role that radicalism plays in the space of Together for Change, in response to a journalist’s question, he said: “Wherever you see, in the lists you want, you will find a radical, even on the list that he won in CABA ”, because “Martín Tetaz is radical”, he remarked.

At that point he highlighted the choice made by the neuroscientist Facundo Manes -to whom he lavished all his support- in the province of Buenos Aires and speculated that having had “one more month of campaign, we won the internship to Diego Santilli. But beyond that, it has been seen a radicalism mobilized throughout the country “, he pondered.

From that perspective, he asserted that this “balances the forces in Together for Change”, so that now “They are not going to take us ‘by the nose’, radicalism will no longer be the ‘caboose'” of the coalition, but “We are going to contribute in another way, and that is the data”, he pointed out to reporters.


Expanding on this aspect, he pointed out that the UCR “had been looking for a more symmetrical relationship in Together and this I think has been seen”, in light of the results obtained. In the same line he noted that in the provinces where the opposition won “eighty percent are radicals”, said the Governor.

Even so, he expressed his opinion as to the fact that “in Juntos you have to think that results are not the credit of any particular person, because the Capital tries to install themes that are from CABA. This (Sunday’s achievements) it is a transversal and collective merit of Juntos por el Cambio “, defended.

Thus, he then called on the national opposition to “Do things right, because we have already governed from 2015 to 2019 and we have made mistakes; many people have felt disappointed by us, so you have to be responsible when there is a victory “he mused.

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Turning his gaze to the local plane, he celebrated that in Jujuy “a good result was obtained, I am very satisfied”He emphasized, as he also reiterated his congratulations to the political forces of the Frente de Todos and the Frente de Izquierda and the Unity Workers for the performance they had in the PASO elections last Sunday.

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