More road changes are coming in this year 2022 in the District
Hugo Beras, secretary general of the Mayor’s Office of the National District.

The secretary general of the Mayor’s Office of the National District, Hugo Beras, confirmed to this newspaper that in this year 2022 the road changes will continue as a way to improve the mobility of the residents of Capitaleños.

Beras reported that there will be changes in the direction of the roads, as well as projects that will improve circulation in the Bella Vista, Arroyo Hondo, Gascue and Ensanche La Fe sectors.

Likewise, he expressed that in the past year 2021 they concluded one of the stages of the changes that they made in the Central Polygon and that for this year they will continue with the theme of the ordering of the roads, to work with the double parking, as they make those street changes.

He revealed that they have a parking project on the agenda that is technically budgeted and that it will be done with the General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transportation (Digesett) and the private sector. Although he did not offer details of how precisely those parking lots would be conceived in terms of their design and type, he announced that they will call for bids and that they will inform the public about it, for which they estimate they will be done this year to bring a solution to the situation of uncontrolled parking that causes so much headache for citizens.

They will make bicycle lanes that connect with universities and Metro terminals

The municipal official, during his participation in the Special Interview of elCaribe-CDN, said that they contemplate the placement of bicycle lanes on Winston Churchill, Jiménez Moya and Abraham Lincoln avenues.

He explained that these bike lanes will have the purpose of reaching the gates of three major universities in the city, as well as 200 meters from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD).

Also, they seek that the bicycle lanes connect with the terminals of the Santo Domingo Metro. As part of this plan that seeks to reduce road congestion, the ADN is committed to the implementation of bus corridors that make public transport more efficient and that invite Dominicans to use it, given the scenario of an increase in the number of vehicles in the city. country.

Final points evaluated for Par Vial Churchill-Lincoln

Beras explained that they are evaluating the last points for the Par Vial of Winston Churchill avenues and Abraham Lincoln avenues.

He pointed out that the process of socialization of this measure has already been carried out, that is, the public hearings, so that in a short time they will give news on this issue.

Since March 2021, the issue of road pairs captured the attention of citizens and became the protagonist of the headlines in the media.

The Par Vial project contemplates that Churchill be one-way south-north, from George Washington avenue to John F. Kennedy avenue. In the case of the Lincoln, it will be one-way in a north-south direction, from the John F. Kennedy to the George Washington.

Churchill would have four lanes for traffic and two exclusively for public transportation in the opposite direction, including a bicycle lane that will go inside the central island.

While Lincoln would have four lanes for vehicle traffic and two for mass transit in the opposite direction, so the latter would benefit from the measure.

Its benefits

Among the benefits commented on by the council authorities, as well as by the technicians of the National Institute of Transit and Terrestrial Transportation (Intrant) is the consummation of exclusive bus lanes, optimization of traffic management to reduce the average delay in intersections analyzed in Churchill and Lincoln avenues, among others.

Says road changes have positive effects

“Imagine that in all those streets that we have changed direction, they would have remained two-way and with double parking as they were before the pandemic,” were the words of Hugo Beras, secretary general of the Mayor’s Office of the National District. Beras explained that although the road modification project has not finished and therefore they have not reached their final evaluation, he assures that the transformation has been profitable. In addition, the positive feedback that citizens give to the change of many streets that at one time were a pandemonium to travel them at peak hours. “If you start asking and doing surveys, people are in favor of the changes,” he emphasized.

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