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More of 1,800,000 students initial, primary and secondary level had trouble studying during the pandemic and they must be assisted by the national government.

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The data was reported by the Ministry of Education when presenting the progress of the program “Accompany”. Of the total number of students, 54% belong to the secondary level (1,014,414); 40% at the primary level (751,446); and 6%, at the initial level (104,746).

The educational portfolio reported through a statement that the main objective of the “Accompany” program is “to go in search of those students whose educational trajectories have been affected by the pandemic and ensure their permanence in the educational system.”

More than 1.8 million students had trouble studying during the pandemic.

“This program promotes the school’s presence in the community deploying different initiatives through articulated work between state spaces or civil society organizations at all educational levels. In this way, real opportunities are generated for all the students of the country ”, explained the Minister of Education, Nicolás Trotta.

Total, $ 2,194,499,995 was invested in different programs in the territory such as the Cerca Program, the Mercosur Youth Parliament and the Educational Media.

According to the latest data, from December 2020, 450,000 high school students had had zero or insufficient school participation, of which 190,000 had no contact with the school.

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