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The Korean Series Squid game has reached 111 million subscribers worldwide. According to Netflix, it is the show that scored the best ever in the first four weeks on the streaming platform.

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That record was previously held by Bridgerton, which was clicked 82 million times in its first four weeks. Squid game is also the first Netflix series to reach more than 100 million viewers in its first four weeks.

The record of Squid game, a series about a group of poor Koreans who have to play child games to the death to win millions, was announced by Netflix in a tweet on Tuesday. In it, the company wrote that the series has reached 111 million fans. In reality, though, people don’t need to have devoured the series; Netflix previously confirmed that any subscriber who sees more than two minutes of a series or movie will be counted as a viewer.

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The streaming service previously predicted that the South Korean series is likely to break the record of Bridgerton would break.

Netflix regularly releases records and is often criticized for doing so. The company only discloses figures very selectively; only for well-running series and films the score is announced. The streaming service also does not have those numbers tested by an independent market researcher, as regular channels do.

South Korea as an entertainment center

South Korea, Asia’s fourth largest economy, has established itself as a global entertainment center. This is partly thanks to the seven-piece boy band BTS and films such as Oscar winners Parasite, a black comedy about rising inequality, and Threaten, a drama about a South Korean family who migrated to the US.

This influence can also be felt in the English language. For example, the Oxford English Dictionary recently added over twenty new Korean words.

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