Game tweets hit a record in 2021, when they were made over 2.4 billion publications with the theme on Twitter. The number represents a growth of 14% compared to last year and is ten times higher than that recorded in 2017. The last three months of 2021 was the period with the most conversations about games on the social network.

Twitter is widely used by gamers, esports leagues, commentators and digital influencers in the gaming community. Among the main topics discussed are the face-to-face eSports events, the launch of new games such as Halo Infinite, increased press coverage and interest in NFTs.

The most tweeted in 2021

Brazil was the fifth country that had the highest number of tweets about games. Brazilian youtuber Felipe Neto has the third most commented profile of game creators globally (@felipeneto), behind only the Japanese @Colon56N and the Spanish @auronplay.

Brazilians @Nobru and @FalleNCS were among the 10 most commented athletes on Twitter, as shown in the survey by the social network. Teams from Brazil also stood out, such as the leadership of @LOUDgg, which was the most talked about team and also the one that gained the most followers around the world. In addition, Brazilians were responsible for the most talked about championship on the platform (@CBLOL).

Check out the rankings of the most tweeted in 2021:

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