More than 2,500 people receive bivalent vaccine against Covid-19

Image: Ascom/SMS

More than 2,500 people received a dose of the bivalent vaccine against Covid-19 in Salvador this Saturday (11). D-Day was a strategy to intensify vaccine supply.

According to the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS), 28 vaccination points spread across the capital operated this weekend. Vaccination stations are open from Monday to Friday, until 4 pm.

Included in the vaccination strategy are elderly people aged 60 years or older and immunocompromised people, aged 12 years or older, who took the 4th dose by 11/11/2022.

Immunocompromised people who have not yet started or completed their primary regimen with three doses of the monovalent vaccine are able to receive a dose of the bivalent vaccine, however, only after the second dose of the monovalent vaccine.

The bivalent vaccine can be used to complete the primary schedule after the eight-week interval of the second monovalent dose. In the case of the booster dose, the use of the bivalent vaccine can only be done in an interval of at least four months. This will be the criteria analyzed for the immunization of the target public.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to these criteria, it is necessary to present an identification document with a photo, SUS Card, as well as having the name confirmed in the list available on the website of the SMS.

Check out the vaccination posts below:

Fixed points: UBS Clementino Fraga, USF Curralinho, USF Fernando Filgueiras – Cabula VI, USF Cajazeiras X, USF Cajazeiras V, UBS Ramiro de Azevedo, USF Terreiro De Jesus, UBS Ministro Alkimin, USF San Martim III, USF Nova Brasília, USF Pirajá, USF Alto of Peru and UBS Periperi.

Flying points: Shopping da Bahia (9am to 4pm), Shopping Barra (9am to 4pm), Shopping Vila Verde (9am to 4pm), Shopping Bela Vista (9am to 4pm), Shopping Ponto Alto (9am to 4pm), Atacadão Atakarejo – Vasco da Gama (8am to 4pm), Super Bompreço – Armação (8am to 4pm), Cesta do Povo – Sete Portas (8am to 4pm), Construction Material Farm (9am to 3pm) Roundabout of Feirinha de Cajazeiras X, Bom Samaritano Foundation – Bonfim Church (8 am to 4 pm), Ferreira Costa Home Center (8 am to 4 pm), Itapuã City Hall – Vacimóvel (8 am to 4 pm), Bompreço Iapi (8 am to 4 pm).

Drive Thrus: UBS Clementino Fraga – 5º Centro and Atacadão Atakarejo – Coutos Farm (8am to 4pm)


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