More than 30 people are arrested with birds in Salvador

Image: Disclosure

Thirty-six people were taken to the Central de Flagrantes after being found with 72 birds, this Saturday (11), in Cajazeiras. According to g1, the Civil Police detailed that those involved in the action were heard and released.

According to the Military Police, 33 birds were banded and used in a clandestine competition. The operation took place near Avenida Maria Cerqueira Lima and involved police officers who were summoned to investigate a case of environmental crime.

The people approached during the action had to be taken to the Flagrantes Center with a mini bus. The birds were presented to the authorities so that they could eventually be delivered to the Wild Animal Screening Center (Cetas).

Also according to g1, a Detailed Term of Occurrence (TCO) for the environmental crime was drawn up against the group. The process will be forwarded to the 13th DT of Cajazeiras, which will proceed with the case.


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