More than 600 environmentalists murdered in Colombia since 2016 |  News

Regarding the report that indicates that Colombia is the most dangerous country for environmental leaders, the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) reported that 611 leaders and leaders who defend the environment have been assassinated since the signing of the agreement on peace in 2016.


Indepaz reports 116 social leaders murdered in Colombia in 2021

According to Indepaz figures, 332 of the murders have been perpetrated against different indigenous populations, 75 against Afro-descendants members of community councils, 102 against peasants, 25 against environmental activist leaders and 77 against members of Community Action boards.

For its part, the NGO Global Witness, which keeps a worldwide count of crimes against environmentalists, revealed that during 2020 there were 65 murders of environmental defenders.

Indepaz pointed out that in Colombia there are more than 152 environmental conflicts due to mining-energy, agro-industrial and infrastructure megaprojects that go against the interests of indigenous communities.

According to the Global Witness list, behind Colombia is Mexico, with a total of 30 homicides, a number that does not even reach half of the figures in Colombia.

To date, Indepaz has documented 116 leaders assassinated so far in 2021, of which two people are environmentalists and 1,231 since the signing of the peace agreement.

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