“We get along badly. We fight all the time, “he described with a laugh. Morris, in a chat with La Viola. The legendary artist prepares a recital with his son, Antonio Birabent, on October 15 at the Great Rivadavia.We actually get on barbarian. There are small deviations but we correct them. We are both on parallel paths, but in the end it is in common. In short, we are two singers on stage ”, added the singer.

For Birabent, it is somewhat curious to work with his father. “Although it is a joy, in turn it is a moment of intimacy that has no place in the house otherwise In front of the public. It is still something felt and true, but on the other hand it is a recital where we share something very special, music ”. On this occasion, the public will enjoy the songs of their latest work together, The last mountain, more classics like “Bear”, “Just yesterday”, “It is useless”, “Duck works in a butcher shop”, by Moris, plus some of Antonio’s themes.

“We prepare with a mixture of habit and enthusiasm. It is something that we have been doing for a long time. Each show is different and nothing is repeated on stage ”, highlighted Birabent. Also, beyond the music, the public will enjoy in the amphitheater of the Centennial Park of Buenos Aires, a talk where each of the protagonists will provide details of each of the themes.

Moris and Birabent: “song family” with experience on stage

– The show they gave at the Kirchner Cultural Center had the participation of important guests

– Morris: Litto Fog he was in “Nieve en Buenos Aires” from our last album and Ricardo Mollo in “Pato works in a butcher shop.” I’ve been listening to it and I want to thank you for how well you sang it, the tone you achieved in this song that I did several decades ago. This recital will be a small marathon of music, freedom and emotion.

You die with his son, Antonio Birabent (Photo: press).

– How can you define the message that we find in the songs that are part of The Last Mountain?

– Moris: It is indefensible like so many things. The message is what each letter says, his intonation. It’s all there. When listening to it more than once the public notices. It’s in the emotion of how the record was made and sung. The emotion leads the audience to the lyrics.

– Antonio Birabent: There is a lot of mention of freedom, to the mystery of the sun that rises every morning and to the human being who lives in the city. The latter is something that we like and attract our attention. When we go for a walk we feel excited and have empathy with the other.

Moris and Antonio Birabent, a family musical experience: “We fight all the time”

Moris and the memory of the “rebellion” of The Beatniks

Mauricio Birabent, his real name, is a pioneer of our rock who was part of a mythical group of artists who in 1966 roamed the city composing songs in emblematic places such as France Square, La Cueva and La Perla de Once. Tanguito, Miguel Abuelo, Pajarito Zaguri, Javier Martínez, Pipo Lernoud and Litto Nebbia accompanied him on that adventure. Was part of Los Beatniks, known for the song “Rebelde”, who shared an era with Los Gatos, Almendra, Manal and Vox Dei.

– Do you have the same concerns as in those early days in music?

– Morris: Some things are kept and others are not. There is everything. Together with Litto, Spinetta, Vox Dei and Manal I had to face a different time than today, with a military government. Today we face economies, taxes, computer oppressions, which help us on the one hand and complicate on the other, and even a pandemic.

Article with the arrest of the members of the Beatniks.
Article with the arrest of the members of the Beatniks.

– After so many years of career and experience, do you maintain a certain rebellion?

– Morris: I continue to oppose everything that is not free and the crowds that walk through Once or Constitución like great anthill. It hurt. Rebellion is not only against, it is also pain although there is a bit of joy.

PROMOTION.  The band playing their songs in downtown Buenos Aires.
PROMOTION. The band playing their songs in downtown Buenos Aires.

– Did you dream as a young man of achieving all this recognition?

– Morris: They asked me if they wanted to fulfill a dream. I did not have a dream. I was wide awake. I lived day to day with my friends back then. It was difficult on the one hand, but there was a lot to do. There weren’t that many horses in the race.

“Thirty minutes of life” the first album by Moris with several hymns

Now that I look at the list of themes, I see them as pieces of an incomplete puzzle, that I am myself … And here they are, faithful to time, separated by some barbed silences, the wonderful and cursed things that I have lived and felt, in this tiny era of my existence, “Moris wrote on the back cover of the album. Thirty minutes of life, his solo debut in April 1970.

A fundamental work to understand a period in our history, with songs like “Bear”,Just yesterday “, “Pato works in a butcher shop” and “Hear me amid the noise”, among other. “I listen to them again and I discover that already at the age of 25 I had this idea of ​​a world that was a bit oppressive. I didn’t have a very good time. Important things usually come out of suffering. It was an album where I had a lot of freedom, I had a lot of time to record, in big studios where great ideas came from, ”Moris said about that first job that turned 50.

Moris album cover (Photo: press).
Moris album cover (Photo: press).

“On ‘Just yesterday’, which Pipo Lernoud wrote (Moris appears as co-author) says “I went out to the street and saw the people, everything is gray and meaningless, people live without believing ”. Today I see something different; the gigantism of the world. Now I sing it with special pleasure. I’m feeling every word and I’m surprised that after 50 years it requires an emotion that we put with Antonio, the musicians who play with us, who are also artists and friends. Everyone puts everything from the assistant who puts the teams and the public the final point “, he added about the classic, which Los Gatos recorded for the first time as side B of”The raft”.

– Did Pappo on bass and Javier Martínez on drums participate in the “Oso”?

– Morris: Yes, Claudio Gabis was also on guitar. It was almost Manal. Richard Green (organ), son of the owner of an English school, also participated. It was recorded by the TNT singer, Tim Croatto, who in addition to being a guitarist, was a producer. When I shouted the end of the song, he put more camera on it. I told him I wanted more. He replied that in the back there was a tiled bathroom that sounded very loud. I sang like I was in a cathedral. That day, outside the studio, a patrol car was waiting for us. Young singers were subversive to them. What does that word mean? A version below …

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