Russia announced amnesty for 158 thousand migrants from Uzbekistan who were previously banned from entering the country

Russia announced amnesty for 158 thousand migrants from Uzbekistan who were previously banned from entering the country

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Advisor to the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Mehriddin Khairiddinov met with a delegation from Moscow headed by the deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia Alexander Gorov… The meeting was apparently a success. After her, Khairiddinov told the local press that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation allows an amnesty for 158 thousand citizens of Uzbekistan, once expelled from Russia. They were still banned from entering our country.

The Uzbek official has promised to send only healthy and vaccinated migrant workers to Russia.

And most importantly, he explained that those who were expelled from Russia by a court decision for criminal offenses would not receive work permits.

That is, according to the adviser to the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, it turns out that, in theory, the amnesty should apply only to those who violated the migration laws – the terms of stay and the rules for applying for work in Russia. And by no means are they criminals.

In the same way, they are going to reconsider the cases and 150 thousand citizens of Tajikistan, previously expelled from Russia.

However, there are still no confirmations or comments from the official bodies of Russia (except for the head of the Federation of Migrants Kozhenov).

The Ministry of Internal Affairs only confirms Gorovoy’s trip to Tashkent. But under the amnesty, 300 thousand migrants are asked to turn to the government better.

The Cabinet of Ministers, however, confirmed (there is even Resolution 16/94 on this score) only a message from Uzbekistan that from October 18, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, they will test a mechanism for screening out labor migrants. So far, we have agreed on 10 thousand foreigners who will be issued a work permit in Russia directly on the territory of Uzbekistan. And there they will be vaccinated against covid.

The costs of registration and vaccination are planned to be borne by employers who have applied for such a workforce.

But 10 thousand guest workers is a drop in the ocean. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, more than 7 million migrants are staying in Russia today.

About “amnesty” – it is completely silent …


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