Mother's Day: "My dad sent me my five children"

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Alejandro and Sofia they know that the day they met they felt “a crush” and that love at first sight made them decide to move in together a month after they started dating. Within a year, they began to dream of enlarge the family: “We went through many processes until we came to know about this public announcement of our children.”

As Sofía explains, while they were gathering the papers to register in the Registry of Aspiring Guardians for Adoption Purposes, she looked at the public announcements: “One day I ran into the boys’. We made lists and numbers but nothing after was how we imagined it. We signed up and they called us very quickly. It was a radical change ”.

In time, they began to have interviews and were quickly notified that they had been selected for formally be a family with the boys: ”It was the day that was 20 years after the death of my father. That day they informed us. That is why I insist with the idea that He has sent them to me ”.

The seven met on December 4, 2019 and in mid-January they all moved together to Córdoba: “We have been together for almost two years and the sentence of full adoption arrived a few months ago. We did the paperwork for the documents and here we continue building little by little ”.

Sofía confesses that when considering with her partner the possibility of being parents they had never considered being parents of five: “It is step by step, knowing and accepting each other, knowing that we will always be there for them.”

With respect to Family day, Sofía emphasizes the happiness of her children and theirs since the seven of them are together: “They arrived in February and in March the pandemic began. It has been complex, fun, chaotic, and here we are. There is a long way to go but we are super good. You have to deconstruct the idea of ​​an ideal child and accept real children ”.

Through adoption, by insemination, thanks to a supportive womb, or the traditional biological way, there are infinite ways to have children, and there are countless ways to become a family. All these stories will be the heart of the podcast We are family. By Yanina Sibona.

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