Marc Mrquez underwent a medical examination last Monday with Dr. Sánchez Dalmau to analyze the situation of his diplopia. The ophthalmologist noted a clear improvement in the vision of the eight times world champion, which has allowed him to advance in his recovery.

With this advance, the Repsol Honda team rider received authorization to drive motorcycles and motocross, the most demanding discipline possible in the world of two wheels, was chosen by Mrquez and his team.

Mrquez, during his motocross motorcycle training today.Honda

After an absence of three months, the Spanish rider returned to riding at the Circuit de Ponts (Lleida). After several rounds his sensations and sensations on the bike were more than optimistic: “Buah, how handsome,” he said to his brother Lex, also present, as he got off the motorcycle. “After 3 months, first day on a motorcycle enjoying like a child!”

Mrquez’s next step will be to run on a paved track. with a view to being next month in the Sepang preseason tests ..

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