Mouscron players refuse to train while waiting for their salary to be paid

Mouscron’s players have decided to stop training pending payment of their December salary, the 1B Pro League club announced on Thursday.

In its press release, Excel assures that it has taken note of the decision and does not deny the current financial problems, while putting the responsibility on Lille, its partner club. “This delicate situation is only due to the fact of the unilateral decision of the LOSC not to respect its commitments.“, can we read in the press release.

The Hurlus add that Lille did not respect the agreement which had been established last season and that the sum which was not paid by the LOSC would have allowed Mouscron to complete its budget for this season.

During the collaboration between the two clubs, Mouscron had had to significantly increase its costs by welcoming a large group of LOSC players in return for a financial agreement. This allowed players like Koffi or Onana, for example, to evolve in a Belgian professional championship instead of vegetating in a French amateur championship. Through this operation, the LOSC benefited from media coverage of its players and therefore from a financial gain. Not to mention that this operation was less costly for the LOSC than if its players were playing in a lower French division.

Excel assured that it was exploring several avenues for “ensure the continuity of the club” and “is optimistic that one of them will be completed within a reasonable timeframe“.

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