Much misunderstanding, few official reactions: referred persons in the Clean Hands case mainly point to their lawyer

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protagonist Mogi Stale let his lawyer know that he is not responding. Glen De Boeck in Erwin Lemmens call right back. They deny the charges but declined to say anything further. They refer to their lawyer. Former federation chairman Mehdi Bayat responds briefly. “My name has not been mentioned in this file for three years and now I am suddenly there, I want to investigate that. I’m consulting with my lawyers because I don’t even know what I’m being charged with.” His right hand Pierre-Yves Hendrickx joins this.

Club Brugge, those are its president Bart Verhaeghe and general manager Vincent Mannaert sent a message: “Club Brugge has taken note of the reports regarding the claim in the file “Clean Hands” today. The legal advisers appointed by the Club will take note of this and take the necessary steps.”

Michel Louwagie make the same sound. “We are going to study the file further with my lawyer,” said the manager of AA Gent referred to in the file. “But we are convinced that neither AA Gent nor I have done anything wrong.”

Standard responded on behalf of its chairman Bruno Venanzi. “As far as we are concerned, there is really nothing new: it is still in the context of the transfers of Jankovic, Mladenovic and Cimirot, and the club itself has filed a complaint against Olivier Renard and Dejan Veljkovic about this. There is not much else to add. Justice is still working on it,” the club said in a statement.

CEO Peter Bossaert responds on behalf of the football association. “This does not come as a surprise, but that does not alter the fact that our football hearts are bleeding. We will first take the time to analyze the file, but would like to emphasize that we will take our responsibility.”

The (former) referees Bart Vertenten in Sebastien Delferière previously denied through their lawyers. Luc Devroe in Evert Maeschalck do not wish to respond. Ronny Van Geugden, Francois De Keersmaecker, Matthew Leterme, Roger Lambrecht in Steven Martens do not call back after a message on their answering machine. Phillip Collin has changed his number. In previous questions, Herman Van Holsbeeck, Peter Maes in Ivan Leko let their lawyer do the work. Walter Van Steenbrugge, the lawyer Ivan Leko, denies the allegations on behalf of his client.

Thierry Steemans has not enriched himself with a cent during the fifteen years that he has devoted himself with heart and soul to the club,” said his lawyer Joris Van Cauter. The other former KV Mechelen directors Olivier Somers, Stefan Vanroy in Johan Timmermans previously denied involvement in the match fixing. So did football agent Walter Mortelmans. (so, bfa, kvu, lvdw)

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