Museo Casa de la Escultura, a new space for art
The building where the museum is located was designed by the artist and everything inside, including the works of art.
Cabral received the “Sculptor of the year 2018” award, awarded by the Corripio Foundation in recognition of his career

The Freddie Cabral Sculpture House Museum is a space that collects hundreds of works by the master sculptor, from childhood to the present.

Taking a tour of its facilities is a walk through the more than 65 years of his artistic life, which is materialized in this cultural space that for many years he treasured to build, and in which stands out more than four decades dedicated to working as uninterrupted metal, terracotta and wood, among other materials. The museum also exhibits works by brother Leino Cabral, now deceased. “This building has the particularity that it was designed by me, as well as everything that is inside, including the works of art,” said Cabral, and stressed that being also an architect “I was able to create my dream in it, also set it up. It has been a work of a lifetime, which I can now make known ”.

The sculptor said that his journey through the world of the arts began from his childhood, when he made small clay objects with his brother Leíno and placed them in the middle of the street for cars to crush them, without knowing what they were producing. artworks.

To this collection of miniatures that are also on display, are added the works that he created during his travels through various countries of the old continent. That led him to realize the idea of ​​continuing his evolutionary process and taking his pieces to the highest place that art can hold: an exclusive museum for his sculptures.

To make the pieces, Cabral uses Dominican clay, Spanish pink clay, American red clay and French black clay, but on many occasions he mixes them to give other nuances, “but this one is very difficult to bake and does not accept many mixtures.” Infinitesimal, Houses for the Wind, The Artists’ Gates, The Powerful Hand, and Fantastic Fauna, are some of his creations, which are exhibited in this museum, which is very well signposted so that visitors can take a better tour.

Their spaces

The Freddie Cabral Sculpture House Museum has several exhibition rooms, which contain hundreds of sculptures and experiments that, when combining metals, clay, paint, light and movement, result in figurative and abstract works and installations that pay homage to reproduction. , to infinity, to the human being and to the cosmos.

Upon entering the building, on the walls you can see publications from national and international media that highlight the work of more than 40 years of Freddie Cabral, as well as awards and recognitions for his professional career. On the left, the tour of the house museum begins in the “Metals Room”, where a wide variety of works are exhibited, the theme of which is about reproduction, which was born in 1981, while the artist was in Paris.

On the gaps in the walls where there were once doors and windows, they were turned into works of art, which also highlights the theme of reproduction, “which is still in force in my life.

Another of the spaces includes the exhibition 40, 40, 40, through which Freddie Cabral celebrated his 40 years of works in terracotta or clay, 40 in wood sculpture and 40 of metal sculptures.

In addition, the museum has a room where the first portraits made by the also architect in 1971 are highlighted, as well as self-portraits, paintings and his first woodwork at that time. Likewise, it shows works made by Roberto Flores, among other artists who once painted me, whom “I thank for taking the time to paint me.”

A special space of the museum is where small clay figures that the teacher made since he was a child, but without knowing that they were works of art, as well as 120 fired clay sculptures made during his stay in Paris, the United States and the Republic are exhibited. Dominican between the years 1980-2020.

“Some of the pieces that we exhibit were made outside the country, since I lived in Paris from 1980 to 83, in that year I made pieces there. Then I was in the United States from 2003 to 2008, there I also created pieces of clay “, said the sculptor, and said that when he arrived in a country, if he found a suitable table to work with clay, he would dedicate all his time to creation for his easy mastery.

The museum also exhibits a room with works in general such as the series “Spatial Entity”, composed of non-figurative elements that have to do with space and about women in copper, bronze, aluminum, among other metals.

On one of the walls of the museum they show the “Sculptor of the year 2018” award, awarded by the Corripio Foundation, considered by the artist as the most important, because it recognizes his professional career in the world of the arts.

Conference rooms

The Casa de la Escultura Museum also has four workshops, where in each one of them the artist carries out his work in wood, clay, metal and one that is miscellaneous to do art repair work. At the top of the building are the spaces where the painting and sculpture school will work, the room to give workshops and conferences, which due to the pandemic are closed. Visits to the museum take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon. One of the artist’s projects is that the house-museum serves so that students can do short residencies and as a research center for young artists who come from the province.

“All this is part of a large project that we continue to materialize, without any help from the State sector,” said Freddie Cabral, and said that “everything that is in this museum has been purely my and my wife’s. , the journalist Elena Acevedo ”.

A dream that came true

According to Freddie Cabral, the museum was woven little by little, because in principle, after dedicating time to architecture, he realized that it was another world and that he took a lot of time to dedicate to art, because he understood that he had to continue supporting art. That’s when he founded the Galería La Puerta de los Artistas, a space for culture, which remained open to the public for 13 years.

“In this space both my works and those of other artists were exhibited, we held large exhibitions and thus the first part of the museum was born for the public,” recalled Cabral.

But it is in 2003, after returning to the country, from the United States, bringing back a much bigger idea in 2008: creating a museum, since already having the physical plant, he began to elaborate it until he got to where he is today.

With the opening of the Freddie Cabral Sculpture House Museum, located in Villa Consuelo, where you can visit by appointment at the email address: [email protected]

The metal room exhibits works that were created when I lived abroad, which deal with the subject of reproduction.

When going up to the building, on the walls you can see works and publications in national and international media, as well as many recognitions ”.

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