Mutirão to renegotiate bank debts starts this Wednesday

As of this Wednesday (1st), consumers will be able to renegotiate bank debts in the Negotiation and Financial Guidance Task Force. The campaign will run until March 31.

In the joint effort, discounts and different deadlines will be offered for payment of credit card debts, overdraft, payroll loans and other overdue debts with banks and finance companies. Debts with collateral, such as cars, motorcycles and real estate, are not on the list.

The campaign is an initiative of the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) with the support of the National Consumer Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

The negotiation can be done directly through the service channels of the banks and finance companies, through the portal and at Procons, in person.

Step by step

Here are some tips from Senacon and Febraban for negotiation:

1 – Consult the platform Registrationfrom the Central Bank, to find out about existing loans and financing in your name and the current debt amount

2 – Stipulate an amount to pay every month that fits in your pocket. To do this, see the inflows and outflows of money, including fixed monthly expenses such as rent, installments, financing; and the variables (water, electricity, gas, supermarket, transport and other bills). Add up the expenses and see how much is left to pay off the debt.

3 – When negotiating, ask what conditions are offered to settle the debt. If you agree, a negotiation agreement will be signed. If you do not agree, the consumer can make counter-proposals to reach an agreement.

4 – If you have the conditions, try to pay the debts in one go to get greater discounts and deadlines.

Debt mutirão image

In the case of over-indebted people, people who are unable to pay the debt without compromising the payment of essential expenses, the recommendation is to seek consumer protection bodies so that they have access to Over-indebtedness Law, which provides for special treatment for those who fit the profile.

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