Myasnikov named the most dangerous non-alcoholic drink for health

Sweet soda poses the greatest health hazard. It can provoke diabetes, obesity and even cancer, said doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov in air TV channel “Russia 1”.

“This is really the path to great ill health, starting with osteoporosis and ending with oncology and heart disease,” Myasnikov explained.

According to him, ordinary water is the least harmful to humans. But even it must be consumed only during thirst, the specialist emphasized.

In turn, coffee helps prevent cardiovascular and liver diseases, added Myasnikov. Green tea has anti-cancer effects.

Earlier, American scientists found that regular consumption of sugary drinks – soda, juices, energy drinks – doubles the risk of early colon cancer. According to oncologist Elena Smirnova, the risk increases by almost a third if a teenager drinks sugary drinks on a regular basis. “Moreover, the risk is not reduced if he stops drinking such drinks in adulthood,” – said the doctor.

The harmful effects of sugary drinks can be explained by an increase in the number of dangerous strains of bacteria in the intestine, the development of obesity and local inflammation in the intestinal wall.

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