N-VA chairman Bart De Wever keen on federal budget...


“The working middle class should pay for inactivity that is rewarded rather than dealt with. We continue towards the EU’s largest budget deficit, as the IMF predicts.” No, N-VA chairman Bart De Wever is not exactly impressed with the budget agreement that the federal government proposed on Tuesday.

“This budget is anecdotal and based on air”, explained De Wever more on Radio 1. “We are heading for the largest structural deficit in the entire EU. We are the sick man in Europe, and that makes us vulnerable in subsequent shocks.”

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Moreover, De Wever believes that the working middle class will have to pay the bill. “There are no reforms today in favor of people who work. The inactive are the big winners. How will job growth come about? We need to get to an 80 percent employment rate to get our debts under control, support our welfare state and keep social security affordable, but I don’t see any measure that will contribute to that during this legislature.”

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The social rate for energy is extended for two million Belgians, but De Wever wonders “what should happen to the other 8 million Belgians”. “Those are shaved three times: your own bill increases, you have to pay more for social security contributions, and you have to pay again for that check for 80 euros. And what do you get instead? A discount of 1.5 euros per month. You shouldn’t laugh at people.”

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De Wever’s final verdict is therefore harsh: “The Flemish government has met for one night and is on the way to a balance. Here we see theatrical situations and ambras, and we mainly get taxes.”

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