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One of the responses to the build-up of NATO and the US military threat against Russia could be the development of such weapons that Western countries do not possess.

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Photo: iStock

This was stated by military expert Konstantin Sivkov on the air “Soloviev live”. According to him, such a weapon in the West will not appear soon, if ever.

Konstantin Sivkov mentioned the accelerated adoption of the S-500 and S-550 air defense systems, the serial production of T-14 Armata tanks, Su-57 aircraft and hypersonic missile systems as an example of NATO and the United States counteraction.

In addition, he pointed out the need to bring to its logical conclusion the creation of systems of the so-called mega-weapons. These include, in particular, the Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle, which is a powerful nuclear torpedo, as well as the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile. According to the expert, Russia should test these weapons more actively and create multi-megaton nuclear warheads.

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