Nana Gouvêa poses without a bra and in green panties and a fan keeps drooling

The actress Nana Gouvea stirred the imagination of Instagram followers by sharing a preview of yet another sensual shoot performed exclusively for his page on the OnlyFans website.

In the post, the Brazilian, who has been living for some years in New York, in the United States, she appeared without a bra and only in green thong panties. Smiling, she sensualized while taking a selfie lying down.

Through the caption, Nana confessed that he was already getting into the Thanksgiving dinner mood., local country party. “I’m starting to think about the end of the year parties, this week here in the US we have Thanksgiving Dinner”, he began.

“I am grateful for your friendship! And for the affection of everyone who has always followed me! So grateful for my love of Only Fans and the love of my family! And you? What are you grateful for?”, said the influencer.

Among the comments, several followers sent praiseful messages for the spicy post: “grateful for your photos“, “Thank you for seeing you here…amazing, beautiful”, “I am grateful for your content on onlyfans“Wonderful, “Very sensual”.

Speaking of daring photos, last week Nana joked with followers after posting an image where she appears sporting her big butt. “Did you recognize that butt without seeing my face? Like? Was it because of the tattoo on his back?”, he asked.

Success among men in the 90s

Known for her work on Brazilian television since the 1990s, actress Nana Gouvêa gave an interview to the newspaper Extra and revealed that managed to earn a lot of money at the time. The famous one highlighted that the “stocking foot” came through the various sensual rehearsals.

Presence stamped in several men’s magazines, Nana guaranteed that she managed to save a lot of money at the time, which was the enough to support their daughters and buy material goods.

“Yes, I made a lot of money when I posed nude. Posed naked I think about nine times. There were three times for “Playboy”, five for “Sexy” and once for “Sexy way”. I received a fee that at the time was very nice. I managed to get it together, and along with my other works all…”, said the model.

“It was with my work that I supported my daughters, that I bought my apartment, that I had my cars, that I saved my money, that my life was peaceful. Men’s magazines were an addendum to my budget that was very valid and very well spent”, he added.

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