Naples, the fatal city | Criticism

Mario Martone is the filmmaker from Naples, par excellence or, at least, insistence. Naples and Neapolitan figures have been a recurring presence in his work, since that turn of the 80s/90s when the first films by Martone, Pappi Corsicato and a few others led to talk of a “new Neapolitan wave”. Still at the beginning of Nostalgiaa shot of a facade with a large mural evocative of Totó and Peppino de Filippo (two of Naples’ greatest donations to Italian theater and cinema) makes almost a match with the preceding film by Martone, The King of Laughter, which was built, very theatrically, on the origin of the Filippo dynasty. Unlike this one, which was a period film, a theater film, and as such very focused on interiors, Nostalgia it is proposed to film contemporary Naples, and at street level.

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