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Studies or research on space are constantly being carried out. Among the most prominent are those experiments on Mars, where satellites and robots have been sent to establish whether there was the presence of other species. On this occasion, a cosmic spider was discovered, which is light years from our Planet.

This finding was carried out by astronomers from the NASA who found a binary system made up of a white star and other neutrons. In addition, it is the first system and it is in the penultimate stage of evolution, it was investigated by NASA’s Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope and it is also a missing link in the evolution of this type of binary system.

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He was baptized with a name

Scientists named this discovery ‘cosmic spider’due to its particular shape. Also, astronomers found that this system emits gamma rays. They explained that the phenomenon is due to the pulsar eating the outer parts of another star. Then, it transforms into a white dwarf by exhausting its hydrogen, which is the element these stars run on.

This system was called 4FGL J1120.0-2204 and it also contains the most brilliant and so far discovered. Thanks to this, astronomers were able to constrain the temperature and gravity of the star’s surface. They were able to conclude that the cosmic spider it emits gamma rays in a millisecond pulsar and whose neutrons rotate at enormous speed.

Foto Noirlab

The word of the researchers

Samuel Swihart is the one who leads the group of researchers and stated: “The spectra allowed us to constrain the approximate temperature and gravity of the companion star.” The surface temperature of this cosmic spider is 8200 °C and a mass of only 17% belongs to the Sun.

On the other hand, the optical spectrum of the binary system made it possible to observe that the light from the star that is becoming a white dwarf has a Doppler, indicating that the nascent white dwarf orbits a massive, compact neutron star every 15 hours.

Tranquility for the Earth

The experts of United States Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, in order to make this discovery, they used the Goodman spectrograph on the SOAR telescope. On the other hand, this cosmic spider and for our peace of mind, is 2,660 light years away from Earth.

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