National holidays Guanajuato: they exhort not to celebrate at home Independence of Mexico

Before the constants deaths and high COVID infections in Guanajuato, the Health Secretary exhorted do not make national holidays for this one anniversary of the Independence of Mexico.

It is still not time to meet and have unnecessary parties, there are still deaths and the virus is still active throughout the state, “emphasized State Health Secretary Daniel Díaz Martínez, on September 16.

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In his morning pandemic report on TV4, the head of the Health Secretary From guanajuato Daniel Diaz Martinez He exhorted the population to take extreme precautions and avoid having family parties or any type of gathering on this national date.

Consequently we will avoid more infections, more hospitalizations and even more human losses “.

It is not necessary to meet in houses to celebrate the Independence of Mexico

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Many municipalities will not hold mass events for national holidays but we also call on the population not to hold meetings at home or other places where sanitary measures are relaxed, “he added.

In addition, he indicated that both vaccinated and non-vaccinated should continue to apply preventive measures such as the use of face masks, avoid unnecessary gatherings, crowds and parties, hand hygiene and properly ventilate all spaces.

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The vaccine does not give immediate protection after its application, you have to wait two or three weeks for the vaccine to take effect in our body to generate antibodies and protect us, therefore the importance of continuing to take care of ourselves, the risk remains latent, “he stressed.

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