Ukraine celebrated Defender's Day and the anniversary of the UPA at the same time *

Ukraine celebrated Defender’s Day and the anniversary of the UPA at the same time *


“The miller is a hero, Zhukov sucks”, “Bender is a hero, Stalin sucks.” Handwritten placards in the hands of young supporters of Ukrainian nationalists said that they had no idea not only about punctuation, but also about the correct spelling of the name of their idol. But spelling on Thursday interested them least of all. Under the banners of the “National Corps” (banned in Russia), they went out to celebrate the next anniversary of the creation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which coincided with the Day of the Defender and the Day of the Cossacks.

Hence the motley variety of the crowd, more like a fancy-dress procession, in which there is a place for shaved Nazis, Cossacks with swords and axes, and ATO veterans in uniform and with an imprint of universal sorrow on their brows: “Freedom to brothers! No heroes to repression! ”- this imprint seemed to say. However, the posters in the hands of the retirees said the same thing.

On the eve of the large-scale march, Ukrainian journalists conducted an interesting research. It would seem – well, some marginals came out, shouted something, put forward non-binding ultimatums and dispersed. But it turns out, after last year’s march, Vladimir Zelensky fulfilled almost all the demands of the aggressive minority. This means that according to the current “aspirations” of the nationalists, further decisions of the president can be predicted. And they are disappointing. Judge for yourself.

Last year, nationalists united under four main demands:

– Adopt a law on “collaborators”.

– Start legal cases against them.

– To revoke the license of “enemy” TV channels.

– Remove restrictions on the military to open fire in the Donbas.

What we have? The bans on fire without an order from the command in the “ATO zone” have been canceled – Ukraine actually withdrew from the armistice agreement in Donbass, which was reached last summer. The authorities closed down objectionable TV channels 112, NewsOne, ZIK. Next in line is one more – “Our”. More and more recklessly trying to put the main “zradnik” of Ukraine Viktor Medvedchuk, whose whole fault comes down to the fact that he was doing business in Russia. Although many Ukrainian oligarchs and entrepreneurs are guilty of this. Including the president. Well, the draft law on “collaborators” has already been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada. No one is embarrassed by the fact that in terms of punishment for service in the People’s Militia of the LDNR, he directly contradicts the Minsk Agreements. However, according to this law, almost every resident of the people’s republics falls under the sanctions – from teachers to housing and communal services workers.

It turns out that after last year's march, Vladimir Zelensky fulfilled almost all the demands of the aggressive minority.

It turns out that after last year’s march, Vladimir Zelensky fulfilled almost all the demands of the aggressive minority.


At the current rally, the nationalists again put forward four demands to the song “Our Batko Bandera”.

– To pass the law on “collaborators”.

– To prohibit elections in Donbass until complete reversal (hello to Minsk-2).

– To release political prisoners – here we mean veterans-nationalists suspected of the murder of Pavel Sheremet.

– Stop nightmare “ATO heroes”. Well, for example, members of the Kharkiv branch of the National Corps, accused of racketeering.

While talking about the “damned Muscovites” and “lumpy Jews”, the columns of the “Svoboda”, “Right Sector”, “Azov”, “Democratic Sokyra” and supporters of the Belarusian opposition who joined them marched from Shevchenko Park to the Maidan Nezalezhnosti, accompanied by the police. They wanted to go to the President’s Office, but quickly changed their minds. We decided to confine ourselves to the burning of a scarecrow of Vladimir Zelensky in a clown wig. Although, in fact, he is their main ally, unquestioningly fulfilling all the requirements. However, without this obligatory ritual, the curses of the nationalists may not work.

In a dissipating acrid haze, they went home. The charred “carcasses” from the asphalt were doomedly scraped off by the police. Defender of Ukraine Day was a success.

* – Ukrainian Insurgent Army. The Supreme Court of Russia has banned the activities of this organization on the territory of the country.

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