Drafting RedGol

The Dominican artist made a collaboration and appearance with the South Korean girl group, MOMOLAND with a Song entirely in English.

Natti Natasha is a K-Pop al.
© Capture YouTubeNatti Natasha is a K-Pop al.

Finally, after announcing the single a week in advance, on January 13 the video for “Yummy Yummy Love” was released, a collaboration between reggaetonera Natti Natasha and the group of K-Pop MOMOLAND, which today has more than 9 million views on the YouTube platform.

The announcement left a large number of fans of the different genres expectant, since, although it is not new for Western artists to collaborate with Korean groups (Ozuna already participated in a song where Lisa from BLACKPINK was, or Coldplay with BTS) it is still a surprise to see these mixes.

The singer of “Criminal” appears in the video together with the 6 members of the group dancing the choreography of the song, in addition to having a single one who is in charge of putting the Latin quota. The reggaetonera also participated in the composition and creative direction of the footage of “Yummy Yummy Love” where, for example, there is a scene of a skating rink and also the typical shots of K-pop that highlight the visuals of the artists.

The song is 3:16 minutes long and talks about the feelings on a first date, the tensions and what the moment itself means. Check the following video:

Will we see Natti Natasha singing the song live?

But nevertheless, Natti Natasha will not participate in the promotions and live performances of the single because the agendas did not coincide, so we will have to keep waiting to see the reggaetonera in the typical “fancams”. In any case, he has given all his support through posts on his Instagram where he has been filled with positive comments for his collaboration.

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