Nau Nau Maria: the Portuguese “anti-epic” goes from Moncorvo to Castelo de Vide | theater

Nau Nau Mariaby Alice Azevedo, begins with images filmed by Leitão de Barros of the maiden voyage of the Nau Portugal, a replica of the ships that took the Portuguese around the world. On its way out of the shipyards, near Aveiro, the ship is followed closely by the camera, which follows the beginning of its journey to Lisbon and the 1940 Portuguese World Exhibition. vessel collapse. For the creator of Nau Nau Maria – which is part of the Próxima Cena program at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, with its premiere this Friday at the Cine-Teatro de Torre de Moncorvo –​, this video is “the most accomplished synthesis of the Tragic-Maritime History”, of its own show and a whole period that spreads from the “myth of the Discoveries” to the present. It is the grandiose History of Portugal betrayed by its common flaws.

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