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Thousands of Salvadorans demonstrated this Wednesday to demand the president Here’s to watching respect for the separation of powers and in rejection of the establishment of bitcoin as legal tender, just as the country commemorates the bicentennial of its independence.

The day, which had taken place in a peaceful manner, closed with a confusing incident in which an ATM that was used to operate with the “Chivo” electronic wallet, launched by the government last week, was set on fire in the Historic Center. bitcoins.

SIGHT: El Salvador becomes the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender

Before the fire, the protesters had written the slogan “No al Chivo de Bukele” on one of the walls of the premises where the cashier was.

Showing banners with slogans like “Respect for the Constitution”, “Against the dictatorship, resistance and popular rebellion” or “No to bitcoin”, the protesters, coming from different sectors of San Salvador, closed in the central Francisco Morazán square.

“They say that the ‘vandalism’ was done by ‘infiltrators’, but they have done vandalism in all its manifestations”, commented later Watch and Twitter.

The president showed images of a masked woman destroying the security glass of the booth with a clean kick.

The organizers of the march had denounced that masked men had tried to infiltrate the protest.

“Accelerated authoritarianism”

“We go out to the streets because we are in an accelerated condition of authoritarianism, in an accelerated condition of dictatorship”, Judge Esli Carrillo, 48, who was participating in a march by the administrators of justice, told AFP.

The judges, who appeared in suits and ties, reject a law that Congress, dominated by Bukele’s allies, passed on August 31 to fire judges with 60 years of age or 30 years of service, leaving the Power Judicial without a third of its magistrates.

“That 259 judges leave is not the serious thing, the serious thing is the impact on judicial independence that the president is doing. There is something more serious, which is the total loss of the rule of law that has cost us so much ”, Judge Luciano Lovato, 55 years old and 23 on duty, commented for his part.

The Republic in danger

The protesters also showed their opposition to a recent interpretation that the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice made of the Magna Carta, to allow the immediate presidential re-election of Watch, in power since 2019.

The magistrates who ruled in favor of the consecutive reappointment of the president, if he so wishes, were appointed by the ruling Congress on May 1, after dismissing the previous judges.

“The Republic is in danger, that is why we are demanding respect for the independence of powers and we do not agree with the presidential reelection”, Zaira Navas, from the Cristosal Human Rights NGO, commented.

“If we as judges do not believe in the division of powers or we take the Constitution as a dead letter, this country is over.”, warned the magistrate of the Chamber, Martín Rogel.

Mass demonstration

This Wednesday, San Salvador was the scene of three demonstrations that at the end of the day were united in the central Plaza Morazán.

For the organizers, it was about the “largest” rally against the Bukele government, in the two years that he has been in government.

The most popular demonstration was the one that came out of the Cuscatlán park, in the west of the capital, where peasants, workers, activists from different union and professional organizations participated.

“We march because we do not want that law bitcóin, because it does not favor us (…) sometimes it rises or sometimes falls, it is very volatile “Natalia Belloso, 41, who wore a white T-shirt with the emblem “No to Bitcoin,” told AFP.

“We are giving a message to the government that there are citizens who do not agree with some measures”, declared for his part the president of the Medical College of El Salvador, Milton Brizuela.

The government established this cryptocurrency as legal tender in the country since September 7, at par with the dollar.

For the feminist leader Morena Herrera, “with different tones, there was a great coincidence” of the different organizations participating in the protest.

“There is a fundamental coincidence: that you want to live in a democracy, that the way of governing by imposing things is not what the people want. I believe that this is the fundamental message for the government, for the president, and I hope he hears “Herrera said.

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