Nea Erithraia: The 40-year-old dressed as a samurai shot

The new facts that come to light regarding the murder of a 43-year-old worker and the injury of another man by a “disturbed” 40-year-old on Tatoiou Avenue in Nea Erithraia in Greece are shocking.

According to the new information, the perpetrator dressed as a samurai, in a martial arts uniform, took his weapon, went down from his house to the street and after following a route of about 50 meters reached Tatoiou Avenue where the two men were doing gas work. There, without being provoked by the two men, he started firing at them.

Shortly afterwards he went to his house, filled it again with bullets and returned to continue his work. Police were at the scene very quickly, locating the perpetrator before repeating the shootings. The 40-year-old, when he realized that he had been located by the police, returned to his home, left the gun to the pilot and went up to the roof. There, the police located him, to whom he surrendered without resisting.

His first conversations with the police who arrested him were that “Satan made me do it” and that “they have done black magic to me”.

A resident of the area described in a shocking way what happened:

Other weapons and swords were found inside his house, while in the past he has been hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital. In fact, his bedridden mother was at home.

The announcement of the police

A 40-year-old local man was arrested this morning, Saturday, October 23, 2021, in the area of ​​Nea Erithraia, accused of murder, attempted murder and violation of the law on weapons.

In particular, the detainee earlier shot and injured two people, namely a 43-year-old local neighbor and another 43-year-old local, who were performing technical work in an adjacent house.

Police officers of the DI.AS team went to the spot. and in the context of searches they located and arrested the perpetrator, while at the same time in
A revolver of his house was found and a revolver was confiscated. The injured were taken to hospitals, where one of them ended up, while the other is being treated. The arrested person will be taken to the Athens Prosecutor’s Office. Preliminary investigation is carried out by the Security Sub-Directorate of Northeastern Attica.

Source: First Issue

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