Nearly 50,000 health workers are still not vaccinated

According to the latest figures, 490,246 of the 538,896 health workers in Belgium have been fully vaccinated. “The final legal steps for the mandatory vaccination of health workers are currently being taken and in principle we can land in the coming weeks,” Dirk Ramaekers, head of the Vaccination Taskforce, said in a press briefing on Saturday morning.


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The federal government reached an agreement in November on mandatory vaccination in the healthcare sector. From 1 January, healthcare staff would have three months to be vaccinated. From April 1, anyone refusing a vaccine would be fired or suspended for six months. The Council of State considers mandatory vaccination of healthcare staff to be legal and proportional, according to an advisory report of 24 December.

In Flanders, 95 percent are fully vaccinated, or 314,043 of the 329,136 health workers. A total of 279,258 or 83 percent have already received a booster. For Brussels, this concerns 30,200 of 39,891 or 75 percent “fully vaccinated” and 20,211 (50 percent) with booster. In Wallonia, this concerns 143,856 of 167,201 or 86 percent fully vaccinated and 108,018 (64 percent) with booster.

For the whole of Belgium, 490,246 were fully vaccinated out of a total of 538,896 health workers, of whom 409,059 also received a booster. According to the latest figures, there are therefore 48,650 health workers who have not yet been vaccinated. Since the announcement of the obligation in the summer of last year, many health workers have had themselves vaccinated, according to the Vaccination Taskforce.


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