Negatively outraged |

The federal states are sometimes a little different. Tyrolean chief Günther It-can’t-actually-go-better. Platter, for example, didn’t read anything about the funny ÖVP chats a week ago and fervently defended the turquoise chancellor; Now, in view of the “serious allegations that cannot be wiped away”, Platter is a fiery black man who “has always had different points of view” than the turquoise ÖVP. As the wind blows – the Tyrolean soul also ticks deeply Austrian …

Another red, Carinthia’s regional chief Peter Kaiser, ticks, as it should be in the party clockwork: The turquoise system is only continued by the Chancellor’s rogue, he is “negatively outraged”. Previous advances by the SPÖ to the blue indignant emperors were not even positive.

Johanna Mikl-Leitner cannot and does not want to leave the picture drawn by the turquoise chats “standing there” – not only in Lower Austria – that sounds very promising.

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