Nêssa reveals the emotion of commanding an electric trio alongside Iza and Carlinhos Brown

Nêssa’s participation in Salvador’s Carnival was in great style. Last Thursday (16), the singer joined the trio alongside Iza, Carlinhos Brown, Marcia Short and Russo Passapusso. This Saturday (18), the artist performed at Camarote Expresso 2222 and told in an interview with iBahia about the emotion of singing alongside great musical references.

“It was very exciting, because they are inspirations for me. With Iza, it’s the second time I sing on the same stage as her, and I always say that she is my inspiration, as a black woman, who is out there doing pop, showing that it is possible for a woman to occupy the space she occupies. It was very emotional,” she highlighted.

She then reinforced the importance of performing at the biggest popular street party on the planet: “It’s very important, because it’s the biggest party in the world and, consequently, Salvador becomes the focus of the world. So it is a visibility channel and a showcase for the artists”.

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