Nêssa shakes Black Music with a lot of pagodão this Saturday (4)

This Saturday (4), Luana Assiz receives singer-songwriter Nêssa in the special ‘Música Preta’. Soteropolina, who has been successful in the music scene since 2017, is influenced by pop, rock, trap and mainly pagodão.

During the chat, the artist talks about the influence of pagode on her repertoire, reveals upcoming projects, warns the crowd about news in her sound, and also talks about the importance of choreography to boost her songs.

Nêssa also talks about the partnership she has with the Àttooxxá group: “Our relationship started as a fan. I went to shows when they were very young at home and I ended up getting closer to them and creating a friendship with the boys. Even before releasing my first song, they sponsored me and invited me to participate in their album, LUVBOX. After that, we made a partnership, which is the song ‘Aquele Swing’, which is a song that the crowd really likes at the show. So, it’s really cool to have this closeness with them, because I learn a lot”account.

The special airs on Saturdays at 8 pm on Bahia FM, Bahia FM Sul and on Rede Bahia’s YouTube channel. Watch below:

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