Netflix employees go on strike to terminate Dave Chappelle's transphobic stand-up

As reported by the specialized site The Hollywood Reporter, the measure will be carried out virtually and was promoted after Ted Sarandos -who shares the management of the company with Reed Hastings- will send two internal memos to the staff in which he reported the refusal to eliminate the special, entitled “The Closer”, from the Netflix offering.

In the special, the American jokes about the genitals of trans-men and women, expresses his opposition to gender identity and mentions that he defines himself as “TERF”, a concept that is often used to refer to radical trans-exclusionist feminism. which does not consider trans women as “real” women.

“Our management has shown us that it does not defend the values ​​by which we are governed”the organizers of the strike said in a statement.

Content does not directly translate to real-world harm. The strongest evidence for this is that violence on the screen has grown enormously during the last thirty years, especially with video shooter games, and yet violent crime has decreased significantly in many, many countries, “Sarandos wrote in one of those documents that were leaked to the press.

According to what was announced by the employees who will join the strike, during that day they will not carry out any task related to the platform, and will instead focus on making donations to charitable organizations and encouraging other people to commit to content that address the issue of trans communities and support their claims.

Is that in “The Closer”, Chappelle included in his monologue several jokes aimed at the question of gender identity and a defense of the English writer JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter book saga who was accused on several occasions on social media for statements classified as “transphobic.”


These elements proposed in the special by the actor and comedian, one of the most recognized and successful since his beginnings in the American humor scene during the 1980s, were very poorly received by a huge portion of the streaming platform’s audiences. , who expressed with greater or less virulence their rejection, framed in the liberal perspective and currently dominant within the movements of women and diversities around the world.

The news of the strike comes not only after the media outbreak that caused the premiere of the special on October 5, but also as a consequence of the three Netflix employees -among them a trans person- who were suspended after spontaneously presenting themselves at an executive meeting. to protest the release of “The Closer”.

Although they were later reinstated in their jobs, the group GLAAD, dedicated to the defense of the rights of LGBTIQ + groups, issued a statement last Wednesday in which it noted that “the authentic stories about the lives of these communities were celebrated for their direct impact on the growing public support on issues like equal marriage. “

“However, film and television were also rife, for decades, with stereotypes and misinformation that translated into real harm, especially for trans and LGBTIQ + people. Ironically, the Netflix documentary ‘Disclosure’ demonstrates this very much. clearly, “added the text in relation to that production that analyzes the representation of these communities in the audiovisual industry.

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