Netflix Hit Don't Look Up: Masterpiece or Disaster?

Since December 24, 2021 is Adam McKay’s climate change satire on Netflix and has been dividing opinions ever since. Does the film with an impressive star cast around Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence hold up the mirror to the ignorant, science-denying society? Or does Don’t Look Up think it’s smarter than it is?

We devote an entire one to this discussion Stream Browsing episode and check the arguments of fans and critics for plausibility. In addition, things get personal in the podcast, because the Moviepilot editors also have different opinions on the subject of Don’t Look Up.

Netflix’s German Don’t Look Up adaptation on YouTube also caused controversial reactions

the daily rip Germany – Trailer (German) HD


What is Don’t Look Up Netflix about?

Just a quick reminder: The Netflix film features two scientists desperately trying to convince the world that a comet hurtling towards earth. Mankind only has 6 months to avert the disaster – but no one is listening. Neither the clicky media, nor the selfish politics, nor the ignorant population.

Adam McKay has captured his frustration with the public’s response to the very real catastrophe of our time, climate change, into a film and for it lots of Hollywood stars won. Starring Meryl Streep as a female Trump, Jonah Hill as the coking presidential son and Timothée Chalamet as a religious Twitch streamer.

Listen to our podcast discussion of Don’t Look Up here

Hendrik Ruben-Busch and Lisa Ludwig discuss the questions in the stream browsing episode: Is Don’t Look Up a good film?

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Does the Netflix hit work as an allegory on climate change? And do you have to like a film just because the statement behind it is important?

What did you think of Don’t Look Up?

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